Wednesday, September 3, 2008

William H. Hoople's Will.

New York, 1895

Yesterday Surrogate Weller admitted to probate the will of the late William H. Hoople, who lived on the Hempstead road at Queens.

The executor of the estate filed an inventory stating that he left real estate worth $115,000, and personal property worth $327,500, or $442,500 all told.

He left one child, Mary E. Brinekerhoff, who lives at Hastings on the Hudson, and she is given all of the personal property, worth $327,500.

Joseph Hoople, a brother, was bequeathed $20,000, but he is dead.

William Howard Hoople, of Brooklyn, a nephew, is given real estate worth $10,000.

William G. Hoople, a nephew, also of Brooklyn, is given $55,000 in real estate. The balance of the real estate is given to the daughter, Mrs. Brinckerhoff.

—The Long Island Farmer, Jamaica, NY, June 28, 1895, p. 8.

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